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A Dig into the use of Online Messaging Applications!

Messaging applications and social networking websites have become a commonplace in the modern times of Internet. From Tinder to Facebook or the American Kik all these chatting platforms work on the similar process of sign up for profile creation.

What is Kik Messenger and how does it work?

It is a US chat application that is most popular messaging platform among US teenagers and adolescent at present. The process of signing up into this platform includes the conventional method of choosing kik names also called usernames and password to create account. Once the account gets created, a user is free to upload as many pictures, videos and snapshots that can be shared with friends connected online.

Features of Kik Online

Something which makes kik very different from other messaging applications available online is that it comes with an inbuilt browser. This lets you to play games, listen music, access Reddit and watch videos along with chatting with your friends at the same time.


Though the use of Kik is rising day by day, it has also become a threat for hundreds of parents who are concerned about their children going into the wrong influence of strangers. The anonymity feature of Kik enables user to begin conversation with strangers without sharing their real names,but this reason is not enough to prevent young minds from effects of flirting.

Is Kik Dangerous to your Child?

Undoubtedly, the amazing features it tends to provide its users have made it top in the list of messaging applications available on the internet. But the growing controversies regarding its use can also not be ignored.

Local newspapers and magazines are full of articles which report issues of child exploitation as a result of its use by minors and young teenagers. However the Kik official team completely denied the authenticity of such reports by saying that “Online safety is our top priority and we are making our best efforts to adopt measures that can provide ultimate security and privacy to our users.”

Though the use of such applications cannot be denied completely, but it is a personal call on what manner one makes use of internet available. The drawbacks and safety concerns surrounding kik are no doubt many but at the same time it is also a platform that has made access easy and possible like never before!

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